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Entry #2


2011-08-24 16:35:50 by Hollowglide

It's been hectic at home since the whole house is being redone so I haven't had anytime to draw OTL
Lately I'm just uploading old stuff I had done many months ago to newgrounds... Hopefully I can also get out of my art block too to have some creativity to make something for myself...


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2011-08-24 16:57:33

is that avatar your work? I like it

Hollowglide responds:

Yeah it is and thanks xD It's just some random doodle I use for avatars and ID pictures here and there


2011-08-24 22:45:37

I sure hope you do so...for your art is brilliant. For a start, try drawing something random...anything. That may get your creative spark going, and then spawns an idea in return. Good luck doing so XD

Hollowglide responds:

Oh no I'm in an Artblock where I can't pull out the effort to complete something or have any good ideas. xD
Requests on the other hand I can do since they are all planned out from the beginning and thought through, all I have to do for them is draw it out~ but taking requests are such a hassle for me